The beginning of our story

FMS was first established in 2006 after Gisela Niemann, a former marketing manager decided to quit the formal banking sector, and venture into her own financial services business. Its primary focus was to assist foreign clientele in obtaining the best possible financial options when they decide to relocate to South Africa – whether on a permanent basis or as non-residents.

Our clients love us

The majority of this clientele only reside in the country for a couple of months of the year, which is on average three to six months. Therefore a natural extension of our services includes personalized packages like settling bills locally, in the client’s absence. Since then we have diversified our client base to include American, British and of course South African clientele. FMS has grown substantially since its initial inception and continues to attract clients from all over the world, with a large percentage originating from Europe. Our dedication to service is one of our major qualities and is paying off handsomely.

What makes us different?

Finest Monetary Solutions has proved itself to be extremely efficient in a very short period of time. From starting out with a solid, loyal client base, we substantially added to our ever-growing client list through excellent client relations, good communication skills, expert advice and financial planning. All of which was supported by superb service at every business level. Our cost effective service has furthermore created a strong buzz amongst the financial community. What started out as being a modest service orientated business is now blooming into a fully-fledged niche financial entity.